What services do you offer?

Event signage, paperie (place cards, envelope addressing, etc) seating charts and custom pieces – basically anything you can put lettering on for your home, business or event!

Do you provide invitation suites?

No, not at this time. I can do light graphic design work for menus, placecards, social media signs, etc however don’t consider myself a master of it to provide invitation suites. I do have some great local companies I can refer you to for invitations!

Will you accept a custom commission? Like, writing out my wedding vows, making a sign of my favorite song, etc?

I love these types of projects! I’m always willing to provide a quote for these, which would be based on the medium of the piece, the amount of lettering, certain design aspects and turnaround time. With events being the forefront of my offering, sometimes these custom pieces will have a longer turnaround time depending on the season and my level of availability.

Do you offer signage rentals?

ABSOLUTELY! This is the basis of Script. I found that my clients were spending money on items that were for one time use, then donating them or selling them for pennies on the dollar. I want you to be able to have the luxury of a high-quality end look for a fraction of the cost and no hassle! I have a large collection of different signs and easels that I rent out. My collection is always growing and evolving, with that being said, if there is a specific style or piece that you are looking for that I don’t already have, please let me know!

Can I provide you with my own sign for lettering and not use one of your rentals?

Of course! I call this the “keepsake option”, where you provide the sign and I add the design for you to keep!

What do you need from me for an estimate?

When you contact us with your project, there are some elements we’ll need from you to create the most accurate estimate: Are you renting a sign from us or providing your own? Dimensions of the sign you’re looking for or providing? What style are you looking for (modern, simple, rustic, elegant, etc) What verbiage/wording are you wanting? Pinterest and instagram are both great resources for inspiration, and I am happy to provide ideas and guidance.


What style of rental items do you offer?

I have large collections to offer to create a cohesive suite of signage in the following styles - Rustic Wooden/Chalkboard, Farmhouse Chalkboard, Gold Antique Glamour, Ornate Gold, Contemporary Acrylic and Modern Luxe. I offer a wide variety of mirrors, windows, chalkboards, acrylic, wood signs fitting different size, style and color needs. I also offer stands, table easels and floor easels.

What styles of lettering do you offer?

When it comes to lettering on paper, I primarily work with a pointed pen (a traditional calligraphy pen, nib and ink) or a brush pen (brush lettering typically done with a paint brush or marker). I specialize in modern calligraphy with a mix of sans serif / block letter style. I can definitely add flourish or make a little more of a classic calligraphy look, however, I do not specialize in copperplate/traditional calligraphy (maybe one day!!) For signs, I can pull forward the same styles - bouncy modern calligraphy, flourished traditional, serif, sans serif or something completely unique!

How can I see samples of your work?

Checking out my gallery page right here on my website is a great place to start. I’m also an instagram-aholic, so I regularly update my on social media through posts and stories of current projects i’m working on. If you don’t see something similar to what you are interested in, i’m always happy to discuss in more detail. Should you require samples or mockups, I am happy to provide those as well! If you have a consult scheduled and would like me to bring any specific samples, please let me know.

What if I want to carry the look of my invitation throughout my wedding signage?

During our consult I always ask about wedding colors, style and if you have any design inspiration. If you do we can definitely incorporate that throughout your order. I can’t always provide a direct match ( I won’t copy other work, and sometimes my hand can’t duplicate a digital font), but I can adjust my style of lettering to best compliment the look of your invitation or other inspiration.

Can I send you inspiration photos?

Yes, please! I always encourage my clients to send me any photos that have inspired them. I welcome pins, screen shots, signs and wording ideas. This gives me a good idea of your style, the layout, sizing and wording you like to help tailor the look to you! I will remind you though, I will not exactly replicate anyone else’s work but can use it as inspiration to create a unique look for your custom piece!


Please contact me directly for a quote.

Do you charge different rates depending on the lettering style I choose?

No, it’s not necessarily the style that dictates the price. I take a lot into consideration when creating a quote - the amount of lettering, intricacy of design, types of mediums/supplies being used and amount of time it will take.


What does your turnaround time look like?

This will vary with quantities and how busy my calendar is. Generally speaking, I will create your event signage within two weeks of your big day, however, I prefer the order being placed well in advance so we can secure any rental items, I have time to order supplies, fit the project into my schedule and give each order the ample time and attention it deserves! Envelopes depend on the quantity and style of lettering, in general it will take 2 weeks to complete a set of 100 envelopes, and increase or decrease from there depending on the quantity. With any project, reaching out well in advance of your mailing or event date will avoid rush fees being applied. Keepsake and custom commissions completely vary depending on the scale of the project and my calendar.

How much notice do you need for day of event signage or place cards?

The sooner the better! I typically ask potential clients to let me know as early as possible if they are interested in booking my services. I recognize that many of the details of your signage, guest count and seating assignments, menu items and place cards will not be finalized until much closer to date. I need to book you on the calendar well in advance, as rental items are first come first serve, and I typically only take one to two projects on per week to allow enough time to be dedicated to each. Although a client may book me months in advance, I will sync with them closer to date to finalize styles, request seating assignments, event layout and land on the verbiage.

How long is the rental period?

Typically rentals are available 2-3 days prior to the event for pickup, and must be returned 2-3 days post-event. In the height of wedding season (May-September) I ask that you return them as soon as possible to allow them to be ready for their next gig.


What’s the easiest way to get a quote?

You can fill out the info form directly from my website, or email me directly at to initiate the conversation. From there, I prefer to set up a call or in-person consultation, however we can communicate via email if that is preferred.

Assuming the quote is accepted and we book you, how do I go about getting my envelopes, custom piece or signage to you?

I am flexible! We can schedule a time for you to drop them off, I am located in the North Kansas City/Briarcliff/Parkville area and often set aside time for “office hours” to hold consults, facilitate pickups/drop offs, however if that doesn’t fit your schedule, we’ll find a mutually beneficial time to meet!

Do I need to include extra blank envelopes (or place cards) beyond the number that need to be written out?

110% YES! This is an absolute yes – because, well, I’m human and mistakes happen. Please be sure to include 15% extra, so if you are needing 100 envelopes, I will ask for an additional 15 to allow for perfecting one that is off center, correcting a spelling mistake or ink splatter - it happens! This is an industry standard. If you have additional available, please include more, especially if it’s a rush order!

I am more than happy to provide the paper for place cards and beyond, because there are specific paper weights and types that work best for certain types of ink. Supply cost would just be added to the quote to cover this purchase.

In what format should we send you our address list, place card list, or seating chart list?

Excel, word documents or google sheets tend to work best! I will ask that it is formatted to fit your design, ie. if we are listing your guests alphabetically (preferred for seating charts over 150 guests) that your document is organized accordingly. If we’re doing place cards for just the head table, please include a list of how you would like them to read (ie. “Christine”, “Ms. Christine Jensen”, “Ms. Jensen”) on a separate sheet. Luckily, i’m pretty tech savvy, so if you need assistance I am happy to provide guidance and formatting with your final approval prior to getting started on the project.

After our order is complete, we may need to have additional envelopes or place cards written out. How does that work?

As long as my schedule allows, I’m happy to accommodate these additional items. Please note that such requests might be subject to a rush fee depending on the turnaround time requested. I try to allow for additional supplies, just for this very reason. Stragglers and changes are bound to happen!

When do you need to know our final seating assignments for our seating chart?

I request the guest list, formatted to match the design, 8-10 days prior to the event. If you have it sooner, send it my way!

What if last minute changes happen?

I want your signage to be accurate, so if a last minute change happens please be sure to communicate that to me. For seating charts, this can be a challenge. I am happy to accommodate changes if I haven’t started. If the seating chart is in process or finished, if you have a few names to remove I will do my best to do so. If you have table swaps due to changing RSVP’s definitely let me know so we can make sure the seating chart is accurate and seating runs smoothly day of.

Can you come onsite at my event venue to work on large scale pieces?

Yes. I do this often and am happy to do so!

Do you offer delivery for event signage?

Yes. I offer delivery to venues within the metropolitan Kansas City area and surrounding cities.


Do you require a deposit?

For event/wedding orders I do require a 20% deposit at booking. Remainder of the payment must be completed at least a week prior to the date, and can be completed in smaller payments if you prefer. Our biggest commodity is time - and “time is money” as they say. The deposit holds my time, your date and secures your rentals.

What type of payment do you accept?

Once you have approved your quote, you will be sent an invoice for payment by card. I also accept cash, checks, paypal and venmo.


Do you offer calligraphy classes?

Yes, I do! Be sure that you follow my instagram page for announcements regarding upcoming classes.

We are having an event where we would love for you to come onsite and do live calligraphy! Is that something you can do?

Yes! I’d love to! I’m happy to come to events to provide custom lettering, or even host a private calligraphy class - it’s a fun kickoff to showers and bachelorette parties!

How did you learn calligraphy?

I took an Intro to Modern Calligraphy Class several years ago and fell in love. Since then, it’s been hours and hours of practice, testing mediums and playing with styles. I am always a work in progress and trying to continue to learn and grow!